Trevor Fidler, PhD

Principal Investigator
Cardiovascular Research Institute

Dr. Fidler obtained his PhD from the University of Utah under the supervision of Dr. E. Dale Able. His work focused on understanding how bioenergetic metabolism alters platelet function in thrombosis and inflammatory conditions. Dr. Fidler then moved to Columbia University to work with Dr. Alan Tall on understanding how dysfunctional hematopoiesis promotes atherosclerosis. Dr. Fidler then moved to UCSF in the summer of 2023 to start the Fidler Lab focused on understanding how dysfunctional hematopoiesis and genetic risk factors can promote cardiovascular disease.

Huajun Liao

Staff Research Associate II
Cardiovascular Research Institute

Jun received a bachelor's degree in Biochemistry at UCLA. Her first research experience was at the Gomperts Lab in her undergraduate, studying the proliferative response of neuroendocrine stem cells following acute injury in the lung epithelium. She then worked in industry as a research associate on the drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics team. In pursuit of her academic aspirations, she joined the Fidler lab in the fall of 2023 to determine her research interests prior to applying for a PhD program.